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DTO offers up to 10 billion customizable numbers with recognizable prefixes. A prefix owner fully controls a number range pricing. DTO's telephone prefixes are NFTs, and they provide a unique identifier
The number allows you to communicate and use it as your vcard, and will also be a full-fledged analogue of the wallet address
The DTO number are easy to remember, like a regular phone number, and can be of any length from 1 to 10 characters

To get a unique number, you just need to specify a set of your favorite digits and make a 0.1 ETH payment

If the number you specified is not taken, you will become its happy owner

How it works?

The number is an NFT, ERC-721 standard on Ethereum blockchain. DTO adopts NFT technologies to provide unique identifiers. Each token comes with wallet addresses and other vital information to prove ownership and give holders total control of their numbers.
The cost of owning one number is 0.1 ETH per year
To use the number, it will be enough to connect an Ethereum wallet
Number pool is provided by DTO

Here is what your number will look like

Here is what your number will look like

Now you are able to book your favorite number on Ethereum network, add an avatar and other info to your profile or any other free number for only 0.1 ETH
We are sure that others will appear soon, for example: ETH, SOL, BSC, BAYC etc.

One number,
alias, profile for all networks

Just leave copypasting long clumsy wallet adresses behind. Use your number to store all your commonly used adresses, get payments in any crypto

DTO is a prefix that functions on Ethereum blockchain

We are sure that others will appear soon, for example: ETH, SOL, BSC, BAYC etc.

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